Bifold Doors – Bring the outside in

We in Australia live in land of such varied climates that it may be raining one minute and be scorching sun and wind the next. We live for the most part with better weather than Europe and enjoy a lifestyle that often revolves around the outdoors. The trend in modern architecture of late is to bridge the gap between the outdoors and the inside of a house. Exterior Folding Doors can be a great way to remove the visual barrier between the interior and exterior of new buildings or renovations.

We love open plan! It seems everyone in Australia loves the idea of having the least amount of visual and physical barriers in their house. Certainly, in warmer sub-tropical and tropical climates there is nothing better than opening up some full length Sliding Doors complete with Insect Screen and letting the breeze flow through the house. It opens the house and makes inner city dwellings feel twice as big as they actually are. Having the doors moving on Sliding door tracks with the correct Sliding and Folding Door Hardware makes opening the space so effortless and convenient.

For entertaining outdoors Bifold Doors can be a great solution for smaller dwellings and city apartments as they fold neatly away and open up the backyard or patio as a second living room. There are a range of sophisticated Exterior Folding Systems available to suit every type of architectural style and application. From large doors to smaller window sized options, some incorporating Pleated Insect Screen there is really something for everyone.

Maintaining Bifold Doors is a breeze, provided the correct Door Hardware is always used. Hinges and Bottom Rolling Door Hardware, should be regularly checked and kept lubricated to keep them moving effortlessly for years to come. Be sure to speak with experts and have the doors professionally installed from the beginning to avoid voiding the warranty.

So go on, stop living in the confines of walls, bring the outside in and enjoy the fresh air.