Bring the outdoors in with a patio

Patios help us to enjoy our natural surroundings by bringing the outdoors in. Patios are great for entertaining, and family and guests will love the functionality of having an extra ‘room’ in the house.

Match the design of your patio to the current design of your home. If you have a traditional home an ultra modern patio will not give you an extension that blends in. A more modern look could be achieved with the furnishings you choose, if that is what you are after.

Brio offers excellent door hardware. Brio has sliding door gear which enables the opening of the doors to be a part of nature. One terrific option is Brio’s bifold doors.

The location of your patio is vital to ensure it will be well-used. Having adequate sunshine in the patio-area will mean maximum use. If there are views, other than over the garden, a patio can take advantage of these. But adding a self-contained water feature or an exotic garden which is overlooked by the patio is a great idea.

Use Brio’s exterior folding doors to bring the outdoors in. Brio’s exterior folding systems are designed for the wear and tear of opening onto patios and help to create the entire feel of the area.

When deciding where to place your patio, consider such things as the direction of breezes and winds; temperature ranges and humidity and seasonal characteristics – ‘solar’ north should be established to determine how much or how little sun is wanted. Also to be considered are any nearby buildings and existing landscaping, such as large trees, on your site.

Good access to northern sun with limited impact from neighbouring houses can be found on a north to south site. A north-facing slope increases access to northern sun and is best for areas which have many dwellings.

Good timber, such as kiln dried hardwood is necessary to prevent twisting and shortening of the deck, so that the patio won’t change position after it is built. It is recommended you oil the wood at least once a year.

Remember to obtain local council approvals while still in the planning stage. Ensure you aware of planning controls such as height limits and building set backs from boundaries.