Update you kitchen to open up to nature

With open plan living firmly entrenched as the preferred  mode of living for most Australians, the kitchen is often the heart of the home. But who wants to be standing in front of a hot oven in the middle of summer? Consider giving your kitchen a breath of fresh air by opening it up to outside with glass sliding doors or servery windows. Here’s some ideas to get you going.

Consider installing barn doors. Whether glass paned or slid timber, barn doors are very on trend and realy give a kitchen a great focal point. The large areas of glazing can let in light and vistas of the garden, even after dark. If you don’t want the rustic charm of barn doors, you can also opt for a more sleek look, by using sliding doors. Ideally, look at going for sliding doors that open up into recessed pockets – that way they will open the space up completely and add large volumn to the overall square meterage of the kitchen. Brio make an extensive range of well-crafted, elegant sliding doors to fit even the largest of spans. All their door hardware is made from the highest quality materials and stainless steel to ensure smooth operation for many years.

To really save space when recessed sliding doors won’t work, consider bifold doors or folding windows. These types of windows enable you to give the kitchen vast amounts of light and views and can be great to incorporate an outdoor bar area.  These can be tailored to suit traditional homes and more contemporary homes, depending on the finish and style of window. Black or un painted timber frames are great look for modern homes, with white or muted tones more suited to traditional homes. It’s a good idea to place you bar under an wide eave or add some form covering from the sun and rain – you don’t want to restrict your drinking to purely good weather do you?